Photographic Studio


We have recently set up our own Photographic Studio.  

Our Photographic studio will be used for many of our Boost Fashion Shoots, but mainly for Style Pictures for our Website as well as NEW VIDEO content for all Styles on a daily basis. 

The VIDEO CONTENT is an exciting changeover for us and definitely new age technology for the future of Online Selling.  These are all latest innovations from the USA for Online Clothing Retailers.  We are one of the first Online Clothing stores in South Africa to be receiving this modern video technology! 

Our Studio will enable us to upload all new styles quickly.  It is important for us to do most of our work in-house so we can remain Market Leaders in our field.  

Furthermore, our Studio situated in Norwood, Johannesburg is available for Rental too. 





*  We charge EVERYONE a nominal fee of R250.00 per hour rental to use the studio. 

*  You can bring in any Photographer, your choice and you pay them directly. 

*  The minimum hours to rent the studio is a half day, 4 hours or unless agreed otherwise with us.   

*  BOOST GYMWEAR WARDROBE - In our Studio, we have numerous garments that you are welcome to use and shoot in provided that you have rented the studio and that we can have/use these pictures online and for marketing purposes if need be. 

*  We allow the usage of 2-3 outfits from Wardrobe per shoot. If we have any new styles that we require Website Shots for, we include these on a regular basis too.  We want to feature ALL OUR BOOSTBABES ONLINE!

*  We can always refer makeup artists and photographers if you require who we have regular shoots with and that offer our clients incentivised rates. 

All studio income is re-invested to continually upgrade and maintain the studio. 

Our Studio is for everyone to use, we love having you all here! 


*  Marc has exclusive use of our Studio and offers excellent rates to shoot on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

*  Please contact Marc Directly to book and finalise rates, dates and times.  

*  Marc on 082 465 1580 or

These shoots are normally 1 Hour,  R1500.00 + 3 of your own outfits + the use of 1 Boost Wardrobe Outfit + 10 edits.  (no hair and makeup) 


*  These are consolidated by Roxy Amas from Durban.  Roxy comes to Jhb every month - 6 weeks and has exclusive use of our Studio during a 4 day shoot.  

*  Roxy has her own Wardrobe for you to dress from, she styles you up (so no clothes necessary) plus SHE IS A FANTASTIC MAKEUP ARTIST too, so one stop shop. You also have exclusive use of the Boost Gymwear Wardrobe to wear during the Raid shoot.  

*  Photography at the Raid Shoots is by Marc Dryden.  

*  Pricing is around R2200.00 - includes photography, makeup, styling, studio hire, 4 outfits (3 Raid outfits and 1 Boost outfit) 

*  Please contact Roxy directly to book dates and times, 079 7303535 or watch the @raidmycloset IG page for release dates. 



We have permanent lighting set up, rails, bathrooms, dress up boxes, 3,2m reversible (black and white) backdrop, music, makeup white light and many other gorgeous spots and angles to shoot in too. 

Parking is available inside for 3-4 cars only, unless with prior arrangement as we share our Office Land with Attorneys next door. There is 24 hour security on the property and weekends are always free for many cars and parking.  Evenings after 4pm also free for parking. 

We are one of the few studios in Jhb with full Natural Lighting.  Our whole studio, approx 180 m2 is surrounded by glass Industrial Reclaimed windows.  The space is truly magnificent.  Many people call us "Joburgs Best Kept Secret"! 

We also have a Dance Floor Studio Upstairs (approx 100 m2) which is used for Night Yoga, Pilates Classes, Choreography, Dance Classes and Private Dance Lessons.  The same rates apply.  Our Studio definitely has that "New York Loft Feel"

If you use our Studio, please tag @boostgymwear or Shot at @boostgymwear Studio.

Please bring your Business Card to put up in the studio so we can all share & promote information. 

If you require any further information, please call 011 483 3346 or email for bookings and time availability.