Ambassadors & Influencers


We don't appoint Ambassadors, it is not our Business Policy.  

All the items you see out there have either been purchased by the wearer or were used in our own Boost Gymwear Fashion Shoots.  

The only time we do Complimentary Product is for APPROVED MAGAZINE COVER SHOOTS.  



In the past we have not used Influencers. 

Going forward we are considering tie-ups with 3 tiers of MICRO INFLUENCERS:

1.  Ladies who exercise with over 20 000 genuine Social Media Followers;

2.  Ladies who exercise with around 5000 genuine Social Media Followers - who have great engagement; and

3.  Ladies who exercise with but with no minimum - who would however, at our discretion, look gorgeous in our Products and work hard at promoting our Brand. We would prefer CURRENT CLIENTS who have purchased and actually USED and USE OUR PRODUCTS regularly! 

At the end of the day "why would you want to promote and wear our products if you haven't purchased them, tried them or worn them"?? We want the Public to be able to rely on real advice and experience not just marketing.


We believe that you should only Wear and promote Brands that you LOVE! and not because you're getting a Freebie. We don't pay Influencers - we share our beautiful products at our discretion.

Where an Influencer has received any Products from us we expect the following engagement in return:

a) before you post anything on Social Media ask yourself:  did I get this for free? 

b)  if yes, it is common courtesy to MENTION the supplier! (free garment = free mention) - please don't TAG behind the scenes, that's rude and disrespectful.  It shows that you are not proud to be Associated with us. 

c)  Don't accept something for free if you don't like it and if you not prepared to mention the supplier or if you don't believe in the Brand. 

REMEMBER - We are a Business, We expect Sales in Return for our goodwill!  

ALSO REMEMBER - We try to be as generous as possible but we will always prioritize PAYING CLIENTS! If you are shooting in our product, we will often add in an extra or two or three Products.... Remember to send us your pictures, we want to feature YOU!


BE LOYAL - don't accept free garments from us this week and then next week promote a different Brand..... WE WILL NEVER USE YOU AGAIN FOR ANYTHING! Loyalty is number One for us! 

If we give you FREE Garments, you are expected to give us a shout out in the form of a post, a story, a mention or a Feed Post.   


Suppliers want to work with people who are loyal, hard working, posting beautiful pictures, promoting the product on a regular basis, grateful, thankful, helpful and humble.  

We have over 50 000 followers (and climbing) across our Social Media Platforms.  This exposure can be huge for you.  We have launched and spotted many successful Athletes and Models over the years.  We are highly regarded and respected in the Fitness Industry and with our many, many years of experience, we have incredible connections and relationships in the Industry.  

It has to be a WIN-WIN for all parties.