Our Founder

Anthea Rozen-Zindel is a highly qualified Fashion Designer who has extensive experience in Design, Production and Sales.

Most of Anthea’s experience has been in the Lingerie area of Design. For 10 years she was highly respected as one of the Top Lingerie Designers in the World, she has travelled extensively and has experience in dealing with the biggest Retailers Worldwide.

To summarise her career:

  • LINGERIE DESIGNER for Woolworths South Africa (researched, developed and launched Larger Size Underwear for Woolworths in 2002) - extensive Worldwide travel and experience
  • BUYING MANAGER for Truworths Lingerie and Swimwear Groups - set up Lingerie Division at Truworths. International Travel, Asian Sourcing and Quality experience 
  • EXPORT DIRECTOR for Cape Underwear Manufacturers, Seardel Group (dealt with all American, British and European Clients eg Zara, Marks & Spencer, Dunnes Stores, Topshop, Debenhams, Bloomingdales, Victoria Secrets)
  • OWNER BOOST GYMWEAR - 2003 onwards

She met her Husband in Cape Town and relocated to Johannesburg in 2003 where she is still based.

Boost Gymwear was born in 2003 as she realized from her extensive experience and travels that there was a definite gap in the market for “Fashionable, Functional and Great Fitting Gymwear”.

Her incredible experience in the Lingerie, Stretch Fabric, Fitting and Bodywear Market was a perfect match.

Over the years, she continued to capture market share in the South African Fitness Market and developed the Brand to the Success it has achieved. Today Boost Gymwear exports Fitness Apparel Worldwide on a daily basis and has single handedly built the Brand to become one of the Worlds Fastest Growing Fitness Apparel Brands. 

Amongst many Fashion Awards over a long period of time, Anthea is unbelievably passionate about Boost, Customer Service, Fit, Fashionable Product and always being the leader and first choice for superb Fitness Apparel.

Coming from a Lingerie Background, her passion is FIT. Over and above, Anthea simply LOVES to Design and Develop New Products.  She is passionate about Women in Business and educating the Youth more in the Arts and Culture Space.  "I want people to know that when you love what you do, you will be a "success" "its important for Women to be independant, hard working, driven, motivated and successful" 


Boost Gymwear continues to grow from strength to strength through leading innovative People and Products. Anthea continues to create amazing Fitness Apparel on a daily basis. Boost is definitely considered one of the Worlds leading Fashion Fitness Brands.  

Anthea is passionate about many other things like photography, architecture and family.  "I,m not in the Fitness Industry so don't expect me to be an Athlete, I consider myself to be Fashion Designer who loves to design Fitness Apparel". 

Anthea enjoys all Watersports especially waterskiing.  We believe Anthea was a highly Competitive Talented Swimmer in her youth and "would have gone to Barcelona Olympics if she hadn't of stopped swimming a year earlier due to SA not being allowed to swim internationally during the Apartheid Era" 

Anthea is married with 2 children and still lives in Johannesburg, South Africa where Boost Gymwear is currently based.