We are NOT a normal Clothing Retailer!

We do not have a Warehouse of stock of every style, every size, every colour combination where we can just store and ship to you immediately when you order!

Please understand this clearly before you order from us. 

We produce every order for you personally from scratch. 


Every order is hand cut for you as per your Bra Size, Height or Special request.  

Every order is personally hand cut and measured to your spec. 

We take special care to achieve all measurements along the production way.  

Often colours are wash tested along the way which adds time eg if you select a black inset on a white pair of pants:  we check that the black colours dont wash into the white at all times.  




Expect to wait approximately 1 week - 10 working days for all orders ex Factory. (This is during normal production time) 

* MARCH 2020 - during Covid we closed for 6 weeks so we ran 6 weeks behind when we opened!!! The lead time only returned to normal around June 2020.  

We do not process any orders if we RED FLAG an order where we are concerned about a size ordered.  There is no point in delivering an incorrect size!  Correspondence via email only will be made to make suggestions. 

Orders can NOT be processed until the client confirms any change to an order. Boost Gymwear will never amend an order without a clients approval in writing. 

It is not often we miss an email response from a client, but that can happen.  If we are still in our lead time, then there should be no reason to cancel your order.  We can assure all our clients, that every effort is always made to more than satisfy every client at all times. 

Yes, we can make a mistake:  If a client receives an order and is not completely satisfied, Boost Gywmear will always ensure that any and all problems are always sorted out.  We repair, replace or refund at all times. 

Lead times can often be delayed by a poor fit which we would immediately redo.  Underweight fabric delivery or even a custom colour which may now be sold out could delay the lead time.  All delays after the 10 working day lead times will always be communicated.  


The Clothing Industry shuts down as per Government Regulation for 3 weeks from mid December to beginning January every year.  All orders placed during or before this period are subject to extended lead times.  

Public and Religious Holidays are not included in the lead time.