Boost Fashion Shoots



Because new styles are being developed every week we need to photograph and video these for Marketing purposes urgently on a regular basis.  

Most of these shoots are STYLE PICTURES for our Website and Social Media.  We always try to keep the Boost Shoots very Commercial with not too much Sexy Merchandise.  Our Boost Shoots need to appeal and cater for everyone.  

Most of the Sexy Merchandise we produce is all purchased by our Clients.  Most of the pictures we post or have of all the Sexy Merchandise is from these customers wanting to be featured on our pages, Website and Social Media.  Usually these are not our pictures.

The models we use for our Boost shoots are all invited by Boost Gymwear.  None of them have ever been paid.  Many of them are our Clients who purchase our items on a regular basis.  We give them product where we feel appropriate and exposure in return, and we support them in anything they need.  Going forward they will not be keeping the garments as we now need to shoot each outfit for Website Style pictures, Video Style pictures as well as Lifestyle.  


We believe "if you support us, we will support you"! 

Going forward our Boost Shoots are going to be done at our Offices in our new Photographic Studio on a regular basis. We also allow many of our clients to use our Photographic Studio and our Upstairs Location Studio for their own photographic shoots if they wish, at no charge. (if you support us, we support you) 

Outside photographers are allowed to use our studio too.  We charge R500.00 for a half day and R1000.00 for a full day.  All the money generated from the rental of our studio gets put back into the studio to purchase new items, to make this gorgeous space amazing for "all of us" .  Everyone is welcome at our Photographic Studio, especially our Clients! 



*  post our products on a weekly basis to all their Social Media Platforms in order to drive sales and traffic to the Boost Gymwear Website. 

*  encourage clients to purchase from Boost Gymwear by promoting their Discount Code Offering 

*  enter reviews on our website for every product received

*  share every Boost Gymwear Post in which they feature

*  Create Content and post themselves wearing Boost Gymwear to their Feeds on a weekly basis (FREE GARMENTS = FREE MENTION) 

*  post themselves to their stories whenever they wear Boost Gymwear for their own personal use